About Us

The Massachusetts Lafayette Society, a nonprofit organization, was founded to celebrate Lafayette Day on May 20th of each year, the anniversary of the death of General Lafayette. Each year it is mandated to educate the public about the General Lafayette, and the French contribution to the American Revolution. 

President Alan R. Hoffman 

Vice President David Noonan

Vice President Myriam Zuber

Treasurer Myriam Zuber

Secretary Pauline Cusson


William P. Dunham, Jr.

Lynette M. Ouellette

Polly S. Lyman

Alan R. Hoffman

Pauline Cusson

Deborah Bouras

Frederic C. Detwiller

Myriam Zuber

David Noonan

Lafayette Day

In 1935, a law was enacted mandating the Governor of the Commonwealth to issue a proclamation on May 20 each year declaring that day to be Massachusetts Lafayette Day. May 20, 1834 was the date of Lafayette's death. One of the principal functions of the Massachusetts Lafayette Society is to conduct the Massachusetts Lafayette Day exercises each year to educate the public about General Lafayette and the role of France in the American Revolution. 

For more information on the Massachusetts Lafayette Society please contact:
Alan Hoffman by email at arhesq@aol.com or phone (603) 490-3950 

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President of the Massachusetts Lafayette Society, Alan R. Hoffman, is available for speaking engagements.
Alan R. Hoffman can be reached via email at: arhesq@aol.com
For more information on Alan R. Hoffman's publications, please visit http://lafayetteinamerica.com/html/hoffman_author.html.